Is it your dream to own a cleaning business one day?

Do you have the entrepreneurial mindset that it takes to run your own business? Would you enjoy making your own hours and managing your own time?
Spotless ‘n Serene Cleaning Service is the answer!!

It has been a long time passion of mine to help others get into the cleaning business. Over the 16 years I’ve owned my cleaning business, I have coached and set up others to have their own cleaning business and at higher rates than they could get on their own.
I have all the necessary knowledge and experience to help you succeed in your own business. It is less costly and less time consuming to get certified to buy a SNSCS license which would allow you to run your business on your terms. No royalty fees, no operational control and no trademark which differentiates this from being a franchise.

If you have done the research, you know what it costs to buy a house cleaning franchise and the amount of capital required to qualify for a franchise. The cost of buying a franchise starts around $15,000 and can be as costly as $100,000. You will spend far less with Spotless ‘ n Serene Cleaning Service as I want to make it affordable for you to get your business off the ground sooner than later.

You will receive year-long training and on-going support as a licensee. This training can be done through local workshops, teleseminars and webinars.

Don’t delay! Contact SNSCS today to make your dream a reality!